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News archives (Seasons 1 and 2)


The Season 3 should start soon... (normally planned for the next September 1st).

New ICCF Elo rating as of Septembre 2007:

Board 1: Porthos, SIM 2538 (-3) [click]

Board 2: Aramis, SIM 2532 (+6) [click]

Board 3: Athos, SIM 2477 (+7) [click]

Board 4: D'Artagnan, IM 2406 (+11) [click]


In order to avoir undesirable messages, from now on it is not possible anymore to put a message in the guest book [click]

New framed "Our prize list in brief" on top of this page [click]

This site has recently welcomed its 2000th visitor


Add a link towards an estimation of promoted/relegated teams for the next season (Season 3) [click]


New ICCF Elo rating as of March 2007:

Board 1: Porthos, SIM 2541 (+3) [click]

Board 2: Aramis, SIM 2526 (+2) [click]

Board 3: Athos, IM (*) 2473 (+7) [click]

Board 4: D'Artagnan, IM 2395 (-10) [click]

(*) Athos already is SIM (Senior International Master) but his new title will be made official at the next ICCF congress.

Taking into account on this site the new naming of the Champions Leagues's Seasons.


Some excellent news:

We have just finished our last game in this Season 2 (new win of Athos at the 3rd board): Pansier 1 Masek. [click]

Athos scores hereby a second Senior International Master (SIM) norm and obtains the title. [click]

This utimate victory confirms our clear first place in this group 2 with 26,5 points out of 40 (best score throughout all groups) and closes off this Season 2 in beautiful style for our team. [click]

Therefore, you will see back Les Mousquetaires du Roi in League A the next season (Season 3), which should start in September 2007.

Note: The Champions League commissioners have renamed in "Season 2" the current season (2004-2007) which was initially named "First season" (this is how it is currently named on this site). The "first season" or "Season 1" now corresponds to the preliminary round (2002-2004) and the next season will be "Season 3" (2007-????). An update of this naming of the Seasons should follow on this site soon.


Happy New Year 2007!

This new year is starting very well for our team because we are confident to end up at first place of our group and hence to go up in League A for the next season.


New win for Athos: Pansier 1 Talos [click]

We have only one remaining game in this tournament (board 3: Athos alias Philippe Pansier against Jan Mašek), and we shall not miss the first place!


Last D'Artagnan's result in this tournament: Le Bled = Dijon [click]

We have only two remaining games, and we still are at the first place in this tournament!


New Elo rating as of October 2006:

Board 1: Porthos, SIM 2538 (+19) [click]

Board 2: Aramis, SIM 2524 (+13) [click]

Board 3: Athos, IM 2466 (+6) [click]

Board 4: D'Artagnan, IM 2405 (+7) [click]


This site has been elected 3rd Best Team Web Site of the Champions League [click]


New result of Athos: Ojeda = Pansier [click]


This site celebrates today its 1000th visitor as well as the 38 years of its creator.


Aramis becomes Senior International Master norm thanks to a second SIM norm in John Jordan Memorial [click]

Moreover, Aramis ends up his last game in this first season (Bochev = Serradimigni), and scores a total of 6.5 points and a third SIM norm... for glory! [click]


New win for our team (Sferle 0 Serradimigni) that pushes us for the first time at the first place of our group! [click]


2 new results: Serradimigni = Kolar, Pansier 1 Kuhn. Only 6 remaining games for our team in the first season [click]


New Elo rating as of March 2006:

Board 1: Porthos, SIM 2519 (+29) [click]

Board 2: Aramis, IM 2511 (+34) [click]

Board 3: Athos, IM 2460 (+1) [click]

Board 4: D'Artagnan, IM 2398 (+13) [click]


New result of Athos: Pecis = Pansier. We still are at the second place in our group of this Champions League first season [click]

Some images in Extras page [click]

D'Artagnan scores a Senior International Master (SIM) norm in Bob Mitchell Memorial [click]


Athos' win: Botta 0 Pansier [click]


New result: Schultz 1 Pansier (this time a loss, we cannot win at every try) [click]


Porthos' last result: Pauwels 1 Sapundjiev (yet another win!) [click]

This was Porthos' last game in this tournament. He achieves a masterly score of 8 points out of 10 and... a third IGM norm! [click]


Our games can now be downloaded (in PGN format) [click]


Our Team Logo has been elected by the judging panel as one of the top two Team Logos of League "B"! [click]

New win for our team: Benatar 0 Pauwels [click]


Display on this page a chess citation from a famous chess player

Porthos scores a second International Grandmaster norm in Interzonal 2004 tournament [click]

Athos photograph [click]


New result of D'Artagnan: Le Bled = Colucci [click]


A new victory for our first board Porthos (a good start for the new year!): Pauwels 1 Pöhr (Zanolin) [click]


We are pleased to present you our Team Logo (look at the top left of each page of the site)!


New result of D'Artagnan: Hofer = Le Bled [click]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


New win for our team: Serradimigni 1 Mazzeo [click]


New result of Athos: Pansier 1 Evans [click]

Happy Birthday to Porthos, our brave first board, who celebrates today his 33rd birthday! [click]


New result of Aramis: Serradimigni 1 Bartsch [click]


2 new results: Pansier = Kalchev, Prokopp = Serradimigni [click]


New result of D'Artagnan: Le Bled = Strehlau [click]


From now on, it is possible to choose the language (french or english) on each page of the site

Slight improvement of the home page


New result of D'Artagnan: Le Bled 1 Mößle (Flaherty) [click]


New result of D'Artagnan: Hybl = Le Bled [click]


Update of our profiles (new Elo ratings, photographs and titles) [click]


After several years of endeavor, both Aramis and D'Artagnan obtain the ICCF International Master title!


New result of Porthos: Pauwels 1 Lakatos [click]


2 new results: Serradimigni = Marusiak, Le Bled = Bazela [click]


The "Extras" page fills somehow [click]


New look of the site

In the page of the results, dynamic calculation and display of the team position in League B2 [click]


New result of D'Artagnan: Dobrei = Le Bled [click]


2 new results: Nagy = Pauwels, Köntges = Serradimigni [click]


6 new results: Engelhardt = Le Bled, Verhoef = Pauwels, Negri = Pauwels, Dimov 1 Le Bled, Zidu = Serradimigni, Serradimigni = Delavekouras [click]


Add a Guest book [click]


New result of Porthos: Samraoui 0 Pauwels [click]


List of all our own results in qualification round and in league B2

New result of Athos: Lubas = Pansier [click]


Update the link towards the crosstables of the qualification round


New result of Porthos: Pauwels = Makovsky [click]


Internationalization of this site in two languages: french and english

Presentation of all the 4 players [click]


Add a counter of visitors


Creation of this site

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